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  • About SEPON LTD

    SEPON LTD is a company of qualified and experienced professionals with various backgrounds and different expertise. The company carries out supply of renewable energy equipment, building materials, plumbing materials, electrical materials and telecommunication equipment.

  • Solar-As-Capital [ SAC ]

    SEPON LTD is now lending solar systems to village dwelling youth as a capital to start and run their businesses.In this program, We use an inclusive business model where by, youths within the age of 18-35 years of age are loaned solar systems which they pay for within one calendar year. This is done through an inclusive vetting process whereby the youth in various parts of Tanzania apply and after vetting is done the systems are installed in their business premises.

    The packages are in three types

    1. Bronze Pack is for charging 50 phones a day and making mobile money transfer services as well as showing TV programs for a fee like football matches
    2. Silver Pack is for Barber shop services as well as phone charging business.
    3. Gold Pack is for Rural ICT services like printing, photocopy, Scanning, computer training, internet cafe services like browsing, email and other internet based services.

    4. The program is calling for interested youth to apply and also any willing partner who believes in youth entreprise development to communicate with us.
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