Sepon     LTD

  • SEPON LTD Vision

    To be leaders in building and renewable energy industry in East and Central Africa.

  • Sepon Co. LTD Services

    Equipment Supply

    Our supply services are extended to all clients in need of 'Renewable Energy Equipment' which include but not limited to solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, solar batteries, solar fridges, solar lanterns, solar water heaters, wind generators, energy efficient stoves, solar cooking stoves, solar radios, solar torches, solar televisions, solar fans, solar AC and other renewable energy equipment.

    'Plumbing Materials' including but not limited to pipes, taps, toilet fittings, kitchen fittings and others plumbing applications.

    'Building and Construction' materials that include but not limited to cement, roofing materials, timber, floor tiles, ceramics, paints, door hardware, window hardware, glassware, aluminum ware, gypsum, ceiling boards, metallic structures, bricks, blocks, surface finishing materials like plaster and gypsum boards, fire suppression equipment, furnishings, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning materials, masonry materials.

    'Electrical Materials' that include but not limited to AC/DC power plugs and sockets, circuit breakers, connectors, electrical cables, switches, lights and all other electrical fittings.

    'Telecommunication Equipment' and security systems like security cameras, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, digital video recorders, Automatic voice evacuation systems, networked multi-door controllers, car parking systems, metal detectors, luggage scanners, fire alarm peripherals, electric fence accessories, computers, printers, telephone handsets, Televisions, radios and music systems.

    Installation Service

    Installation service is extended to all but not limited to all equipment supplied by SEPON LTD as stipulated above.

    Construction Service

  • Free Consultation

    Free consultation service is extended to all our clients wishing to obtain a professional advice on project requirements from our highly skilled professionals.

    We pride in serving our clients with dignity, respect and above all we listen.

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