Sepon LTD Services

Design, Supply and Installation

System Design

We design the Solar/Backup systems based on the following parameters:
· Load requirement based on Clients? requirements
· Duration of usage desired by client in terms of hours
· Availability of national grid or other alternative means of power
· Availability of sunshine for most parts of the day (this differs by region)

Supply and Installation

Based on the system design we supply and install both solar and power back up
systems as per the client requirements

End-User Training

We offer end user training for all clients that we have installed their systems just
after completion of installation. This training includes:
· How to identify that the batteries are fully charged or discharged
· How to identify fault in the system
· How to ensure maximum performance of the system
· How to ensure safety of the system

After-sale service for one year

We offer free after sale service and regular maintenance for the first one calendar
year from the date of installation. This is done after every six months in a case
where the flooded batteries are used and once per year in the case of maintenance free batteries.

Solar Water Heater

The hot water from the solar heater system which is used for washing kitchen utensils.

Solar Battery

Solar Batteries. … A home battery system stores surplus solar power for later use. The solar battery extends the use of a PV system’s generated energy and will provide free, sustainable power even when the sun is not shining and the panels don’t produce energy.

Solar Frezeer

A solar-powered freezer is a freezer which runs on energy directly provided by solar, and the system include photovoltaic panels, solar controller, solar battery and refrigerator.

Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. A photovoltaic (PV) module is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic solar cells available in different voltages and wattages.


To be leaders in the Renewable Energy Sector in East and Central Africa.





Our mission is to satisfy customers? needs by offering quality service at the most affordable cost while ensuring long lasting business relationship with the satisfied customers.


To carry on the business of design, supply and installation of Quality Renewable Energy Equipment which include but not limited to solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, solar batteries, solar fridges, solar street lights and solar water heater.


Frequently asked questions

How do solar panels actually work?

Solar panels are made of highly excitable, conductive materials. When the sun’s rays hit the solar panels, the reaction creates direct current (DC) electricity.

Since most homes and businesses use alternating current (AC) electricity, your solar-generated DC energy will pass through an inverter to become AC electricity. Then it flows through your property’s wiring and behaves just like the power you’ve been using your whole life.

Is solar energy reliable and powerful enough for my home or business?

The only time your solar panels stop generating electricity is when the sun’s not out. That means at night and during eclipses.

The sun is constant. It rises and sets pretty routinely. It’s more predictable and reliable than power plants, which often experience outages several thousand times every year.

Maybe that’s why the U.S. Department of Defense pledged to purchase 3 gigawatts of clean energy for its bases by 2025. As of 2016, they’re on track to meet that goal.

That’s renewable energy contributing power equivalent to nearly six coal plants! Solar energy isn’t a passing fad. It’s the key to a future of lower electricity bills and a cleaner environment.

Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days? What about at night?

Your solar panels don’t need sunshine, per se, to generate electricity as much as they need direct, unobstructed access to the sun’s UV rays.

Similar to how your skin still tans when it’s overcast outside, your solar panels will still generate electricity during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days — they just won’t produce as much energy as they do during clear days.

Solar panels do not generate electricity at night since the sun’s not out. This is when staying connected to the power grid comes in handy as you’ll still have electricity to Netflix and chill.

Do I have to go off the grid when I switch to solar energy?

In reality, you probably won’t want to go off grid. The practice is known as “islanding”, or when you connect your solar array to batteries so you’ll be able to power your home or business entirely on solar energy instead of using the utility company for power.

The thing is, this practice is incredibly expensive and inefficient for most people.

Batteries are not only expensive, they’re not as technically developed as solar panels (read: they clunk up the operation). They also need to be maintained and replaced routinely.

Most solar adopters choose to stay on the grid out of convenience and money-saving.

How much will I really save on my electricity bills every month?

That depends on how much electricity your home or business uses, where you live, the rate your utility company charges for electricity, and several other factors.

Most solar providers aim to offset 70–90% of your monthly electricity bill, so that’s a good place to start your calculations.

If you want specifics on exactly how to do that, check out our super easy crash course to saving money with solar energy.

How long do solar panels take to install? Do you have to rewire my house?

Installing your solar array may take two to a few hours, depending on the size of your solar array, your mounting choice, and your property.

Your solar provider will not have to rewire your house as all the wiring stays exactly the same.

Your new solar system will consist of a few additional parts to your existing electricity system: your solar panels, the inverter, and your new two-way utility meter.


Customer Testimonies


Through this Solar Mtaji project has enabled us to increase work efficiency from dressmaking 20 to 55 for a little day.In the past I suffered severe leg cramps at night due to using the power of my feet to operate the machine and sometimes I swelled I really thank God for this technology from Sepon Limited Company.Contact +255752477342.

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“I have now become a good ambassador for my Kibindu villagers, through a Solar Mtaji project run by Sepon Limited company, which has provided me with the opportunities. The capital project I have run in a short period of time, for about three years I have been able to build a brick house, buy a motorcycle, buy a plot and even invest in small businesses . Contact +255684795438

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