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Concept note on Solar Mtaji Program

Target groups and Partnership

Program Target

The proposed project intends to add value and build upon existing uses of renewable energy, but in a productive way. Sepon LTD targets to create  one thousand (1,000) youth and women -led businesses that are run by solar power  in Tanzania by August 2022. The initial entrepreneurs to be identified will include the youth (both individuals and groups), Women (both individuals and groups) disabled and HIV/AIDS affected individuals. At district level, the project will work with the departments of community development, trade and environment. At village level, the village government will be involved especially the committees dealing with women and youth development. Other stakeholders will be FBOs, Ward Counsilor (s), education institutions, CBOs, and other entrepreneurs in respective localities. In view of the multiple stakeholders involved in this project, communication during project implementation will be key to engaging all participants, including CSOs, credit and soft loans associations, youth and women organizations, policy and decision makers.

Technical roles for the project implementation tools and equipment

  1. Solar Equipment Manufacturer

Sepon LTD has partnered with a competent and reliable solar equipment manufacturer to manufacture all the components that will be used for this program. The company shall preassemble all the components and do branding on behalf of SEPON LTD so that as soon as the equipment arrive at SEPON LTD warehouse, they are ready for delivery to customers’s premises for installation. Fraxen Consult LTD shall offer business and financial management skills prior to the supply of the solar systems.

Places Reached by Solar Mtaji Program
  • Chanika Group
  • Kibindu Village
  • Magomeni Group

Interventions that are currently ongoing.

Phone Charging System/Video Centre

Comprises of Solar panel 165W, Solar battery 100AH, Charge controller 25A,  with  4 DC/12V lights with cables and switch as well as 1 DC TV 24” and DC/12V DVD Player. This costs Tshs. 1,800,000

Rural ICT Centre (Printing and Photocopy Service Centre)

This is an AC Coupled System which comprises of four pieces of  325W Solar panel, 6 DC lights 4 batteries of 200AH, 40A/48v charge controller as well 3.5KVA inverter. The system also powers a solar fridge,  solar cable, phone charging sockets as well as light cables. This costs Tshs. 15,000,000

Sugarcane Juicer

The system comprises of One Juice Making machine (1-1.5Hp/230V),  4 solar panels of 325W, 4 Batteries of 200AH, Charge Controller of 40A/48V, Inverter of 5Kva as well as connection accessories and phone charging socket kit. This costs Tshs. 14,000,000

Hair Cutting Solar System (Barber Shop)

Comprises of  2 Solar panels of 165W, two Solar battery 100AH,  Charge Controller 25A and 24” TV with DVD Player. The system shall also have 4 lights, the solar cable, phone charging sockets, two hair cut machines as well as light cables with switches. This costs 2,500,000

Solar Tailoring Centre

The system comprises of One Sewing machine (with motor 100w/230V),  2 solar panels of 165W, 1 Tubular Battery of 200AH, Charge Controller of 20A, Inverter of 1000Va as well as connection accessories and phone charging socket. This costs Tshs. 2,500,000

Water Pumping System

The system for deep well comprises of One water pumping system  (1-1.5Hp/230V),  4 solar panels of 325W, 4 Batteries of 200AH, Charge Controller of 40A/48V, Inverter of 5Kva as well as connection accessories and phone charging socket kit. This costs Tshs. 16,000,000 while that of surface pumping costs Tshs. 4,000,000 complete with the pump and solar system

Chanika Group Solar Mtaji

Solar Mtaji Project system powering  1 sewing machine, 2 lights and phone charging for people living with disabilities (UKWACHA GROUP) in Chanika ward Ilala  district

Kibindu village phone charging centre

Kibindu Village Coastal Region in Pwani run solar system for charging 50-80 Cell phones and rechargeable torches/lights/ phone batteries/radios on a daily basis and the client is making on average Tshs. 10,000 per day hence Tshs. 300,000 per month in the village. The client also shows ball games/educative video shows using solar TV 24″ supplied by Sepon LTD and can make a similar amount of Tshs. 300,000 monthly on a busy month. Hence the system is able to fetch Tshs. 600,000 per month for the local rural solar entrepreneur

Magomeni Group Solar Mtaji

Solar Mtaji Project system powering 2 sewing machine, 3 lights and phone charging for Magomeni  women group in  Magomeni ward, Dar es salaam The system work for 15 hours without any problem.


Improved communication between individuals living in rural areas and their relatives and friends in urban areas hence healthy exchange of socio-economic developmental ideas
Improved business communication among the beneficiaries
Improved lighting in homes and institutions hence improved safety and security
Creation of direct and indirect employment opportunities among Tanzanian Youth and women
Poverty eradication by ensuring more hours of work in the rural-based communities
More enlightened rural communities as a result of improved communication
Easy access of money through mobile money transfer due to easy charging of mobile phones
Safer environment through the use of clean environmentally friendly energy,
Reduced pressure on biomass sources of energy in rural areas.